Law in Maryland Regarding Underage Gambling

Under a law in the Annotated Code of Maryland, citations to individuals under the age of 18 will be adjudicated in the juvenile court system and punishment can include fines, community service, or mandated participation in counseling for problem gambling. Individuals 18 to 20 years old  who are issued a citation will receive a summons from District Court to appear for trial where fines between $100 and $1,000 may be imposed. Click here to read more.

Gambling – if you think it’s a solution, it may be a problem

Click here for the Families and Gambling Conversation Guide about high risk and low risk gambling – problem gambling is a treatable addiction.

Click here for resources for responsible gambling, or for more information, please visit: or call the 24-hour helpline at 1-800-522-4700.

Gambling: the act of risking something of value, including money and property, on an activity that has an uncertain outcome

Problem Gambling: characterized by difficulties in limiting money and/or time spent on gambling (impaired control) which leads to adverse consequences for the gambler, for others, or for the community

At Risk Gambler: someone who is at risk for becoming a problem or pathological gambler because:

  • he/she experiences some adverse consequence(s) from gambling but displays no symptoms of loss of control
  • he/she exhibits some symptoms of loss of control but experiences no adverse consequences
  • he/she experiences some adverse consequences and loss of control, but not at a level sufficient to meet criteria for problem or pathological gambling
  • he/she has a gambling frequency and/or expenditure that is significantly above average (especially in the context of their employment status, income, and debt)

Low-Income Players Drive Lottery Sales – Maryland’s poorest areas have generated disproportionate gambling revenues as low-income residents turn to the lottery to try to win some supplementary income. However, the odds are not in the player’s favor, and many end up developing gambling problems. To read more about this issue, click here.

Gambling Fact Sheets

Click on the Fact Sheets below to read more about problem gambling and gambling addiction at all ages and places.

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