Grandparents, How Do You Store Your Medications?

Many of us grandparents have kept our medications in the same place since we were young parents, which most likely we learned from our parents. Times have changed and we need to be more aware of the dangers of keeping medications within reach of our grandchildren. In a recent study it showed that 80% of grandparents keep their medication in the same location even when the grandchildren come to visit. Most often meds are kept in an easy to reach place. For example, 61% store them in cupboards/cabinets; 18% keep meds on the countertops/tables; 7% keep medications in their purse/bag and 15% have another location. Only 5% stated that they keep medications locked up.

Did you know that the Center for Disease Control reports that 40% of the children treated in emergency rooms are there because of medication related poisoning usually at the hands of the grandparent negligence. You don’t want to be part of that statistic. Take a few minutes and go through your all your medications – over the counter, prescriptions, vitamins, etc. – discard those

that are unused and expired. The rest of the medications, please lock them up for safe keeping especially when your grandkids come to visit you. Let’s keep grandmas/grandpas house a place for laughter, giggles and happiness.


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