How I Met Your Meds

Recently we watched an episode of the television show How I Met Your Father, a loose spin-off of How I Met Your Mother with a similar format. Characters and setting are like twins to the earlier show although some of the characters have different careers – including a wannabe photographer and a fashion stylist. In this episode, the photographer and stylist went to a young girl’s birthday party to get photos and the girls were uncooperative. Later in the episode we see that the young girls are mellow, sleepy and out of it. The stylist realizes that the girls got into her purse and took some pills.

While this was a plot device for a light-hearted sitcom, this scenario is not unique…and not so light-hearted. This is one of the ways that many children, teens, and others, access drugs and medication that weren’t meant for them. Here are some questions to ask yourself before leaving your belongings unattended in someone else’s home:

  • If someone looked in your purse or backpack, would they find medication in it? 
  • Are your meds in their original container with the child safety cap fastened or are they in an easy to open container like an ALTOIDS tin? 
  • Do you monitor your purse and/or other belongings when you are out in public or visiting friends or family? 

Take stock of what medicines you are carrying around with you, and how much. Transport medications in their original container and make sure to only carry what you need.
And most importantly, if you are entering a situation where there may be the potential for someone access your meds, whether it be intentional or unintentional, keep your belongings in sight.

Learn more about proper medication storage and disposal here.

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