Parenting Class is a Great Learning Experience

HC DrugFree’s Guiding Good Choices class has exceeded expectations and we are only 2 classes in. The range of topics covered has been very helpful. While I assumed that it would be a class about telling our kids not to drink alcohol or take drugs, it is much more than that. The class teaches us how to have difficult conversations with our kids and continue to have these conversations. To help our kids navigate through tough decisions on their own and to come to us as parents as somewhere safe. While they have taught us the importance of having a family meeting, my family has not taken that step yet. We are working on it now, but probably will not have it complete by our next class. I’m excited to learn from the other parents who have had that meeting. Even though it is a Zoom class, learning about the other families and knowing they are going through similar things is comforting. To anyone who is interested in taking this class, I would highly recommend it.

(HC DrugFree’s GGC parenting classes are held in partnership with the State’s Attorney’s Office and the Health Department.)

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