What Local High School Students Think You Should KNOW

Parents need to tell their kids that they don’t need to get pressured by other students to try various drugs and things. Kids are too scared to say, “No.” Parents and teachers need to help kids KNOW how to say NO. 

It is especially bad when kids get pressured, then get addicted. The kids need to speak out but that’s hard to do. Once they are addicted, they are afraid they will get into trouble if they speak out. 

A lot of students are vaping. Parents need to watch out and TALK with their kids; it’s a HUGE thing, really addictive, and you cannot just quit at any time.

Teachers need to SAY something when they suspect vaping in school and classrooms. They are not calling it out; they don’t notice or don’t care. They might see it and care, but they don’t know what to do about it. Teachers do it so easily with phones in the classroom, so why not with vaping?

The evidence of vaping may be hard for teachers and parents to see because we are smart and can hide it.

I talked to one person and he stopped using everything; I told him it was ruining his life. It stinks that some kids feel like they have nothing to lose; they don’t play sports, their parents hate them, they have nothing to live for.

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