Grateful Mom because Son Didn’t Need Oxy

(To HC DrugFree staff)

Remember, I emailed you about my son and wondering whether to give him the oxycodone for wisdom teeth removal? Well….I did NOT even fill the prescription for oxycodone. He did fine with Motrin 600 mg and Tylenol. He said he did not even think he needed the oxycodone. When I told the dentist of my plan to not give it to him, he was not pleased with me. He strongly encouraged me to give him at least one (oxycodone) as soon as he got home from the procedure, but I did not.  I am glad that I stuck to my guns. Turns out he didn’t need it and we didn’t even have to go anywhere near it. I found it interesting that the dentist encouraged the one pill when he got home, but he gave me a prescription for 12 pills. He said this was because the procedure was on a Friday and it would see him through the weekend – 4 pills per day! Wow!  Anyway, he informed me that the media has grossly inflated the stories about drug abuse getting started with these types of procedures/injuries. He claimed that it is not as bad as it seems. Luckily, thanks to you, I know better. Did not take one oxycodone and I am so happy about that!

A grateful Howard County mom to 3 teenage boys

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