Senior Week 2018: Through the Eyes of a Teen

Senior Week 2018: Through the Eyes of a Howard County Teen

In partnership with the Ocean City Police, Ocean City Beach Patrol, Howard County Public School System and the PTSAs, HC DrugFree holds at least 2 Senior Week: Staying Safe in Ocean City programs each school year. Our goal is to prepare teens and parents for what can happen during Senior Week as well as help families determine if their teens are responsible enough to go to the shore without supervision. 

Here is what one Howard County teen wrote about a 2018 Senior Week experience:

Senior week 2018 was an interesting time to say the least. I went in fully expecting to see my peers either drunk or high, and yet I was still surprised. My entire week was filled with students openly drinking on the beach, using e-cigarettes, and the constant smell of weed. It was certainly an eye opening experience. Even just walking down the street I felt like a delinquent. 

My friends and I were walking home from a late dinner at around 10 p.m. when a cop car turns into the street we were walking down. Confused as to what to do we just kept walking right past the cop car. Had we been drinking that situation could have ended differently. 

If you decide to go to Senior Week to drink and party, be safe and smart. You don’t want you or your friends getting alcohol poisoning or getting a citation for underage drinking. 

It seems Senior Week is mainly meant for students to get away from their parents and party for seven days. While I certainly had a great time with my friends on the boardwalk, I feel this experience could have been more enjoyable without all the other seniors partying. 

HC DrugFree thanks the Ocean City Police and Beach Patrol for looking out for our youth during Senior Week and our families throughout the year.

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